How We Can Learn More By Learning Less

How We Can Learn More By Learning Less

Learning is fun. Learning by doing is even better.

The Brain is Designed for Learning

The brain is designed to learn. It’s built for learning and has a drive to learn. The brain is a learning machine. The human brain contains about 86 billion neurons, each of which can make thousands of connections with other neurons through synapses (the spaces between cells). This gives our brains incredible flexibility and capacity for change over time–but it also means that our mental life is complex and difficult to understand fully at any given moment.

The human mind isn’t just made up of one part: it’s made up of many different systems that work together in ways we’re just beginning to understand. That means when you’re trying something new or trying out something new on your mind–whether it’s meditation or mindfulness practice–you might need some extra support from other parts of yourself before those changes become automatic habits in the future!

Play is a Powerful Tool

Play is a powerful tool for learning. It’s the way we learn to be human, and our ability to play throughout our lives makes us better at problem solving and creating new ideas. Play can help us …

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