How to Teach Online With Very Little Experience

How to Teach Online With Very Little Experience

Teaching online is one of the most popular ways to earn extra income. With the right approach, you can start teaching as soon as this week—without any experience whatsoever. Here’s how:

Taking the First Step

Before you sign up for your first class, there are a few things to consider. To teach online, you need:

  • A computer and internet connection (a smartphone or tablet will do)
  • An account with an online teaching platform like Udemy or Skillshare. These platforms are free to join, but they charge a small fee per student enrolled in your courses. This can add up quickly if you have many students–so be sure that teaching is something that appeals to you before committing yourself financially!

If these requirements are met and this sounds like something worth pursuing further, then it’s time to take action by signing up for an online course yourself! This will help familiarize yourself with how the process works and give insight into what kind of experience students receive when taking one of your classes.

Finding a Provider

In order to find a good online teaching provider, you need to look for companies that have been in business for at least a few years. This will help ensure that they have no outstanding complaints with any organizations such as the Better Business Bureau or You should also look for companies with a good reputation among their employees and current teachers, as well as those who are happy with their jobs at the company.

Next, make sure you investigate customer service options available from your chosen online teaching provider before signing up for anything! It’s important that these people can answer all of your questions quickly and professionally so that there aren’t any surprises when it comes time for class–or worse yet: refunds! And finally…make sure there are flexible payment options available through this company too (like PayPal).

Choosing a Class

Choosing a class to teach is the first step in becoming an online teacher. You want to choose a subject that is relevant to your background, interests, and skillset. If you have extensive experience with the topic (or are currently working in it), then this will be much easier for you than if it’s something completely new.

You also want to choose a class that aligns with what makes sense for your schedule and lifestyle: Do you have enough free time? Will teaching this class interfere with other aspects of life such as school or work obligations? Are there any other responsibilities that would make it difficult for me teach effectively (e.g., taking care of children)?

Lastly, think about how teaching this particular subject could benefit me personally–what would I learn from teaching this course? How will having access knowledge help me become more effective at my job/life goals overall?

Becoming Certified

Certification is a good idea, even if you don’t plan to teach online.

It’s a requirement for some countries’ professional associations, and many employers prefer teachers who have been certified. If you become certified, it will be easier for employers to trust that you know what you’re doing–and thus easier for them to hire and retain your services.

Certification isn’t required in order to teach online (or anywhere), but it does provide an extra layer of security for those who want one.

Marketing Yourself Online

Creating a blog, creating a social media presence and building your website are the first steps to teaching online. The second step is getting a podcast or YouTube channel. Once you have these things in place, it’s time to start building an audience by being active on social media and emailing people who might be interested in what you’re doing.

You should also consider starting a newsletter that goes out once per month with information about what’s coming up on the site and how people can get involved in the community around it (e.g., “I’m going to be hosting another live event soon! Sign up here if you want updates about ticket sales”).

You can teach online with very little experience.

Teaching online with very little experience is a great way to earn money and gain experience. It’s easy to get started teaching online, and there are many options for both those who already have some knowledge of the subject they wish to teach as well as those who need to learn more about their chosen topic before they begin teaching it.

Here are some tips for teaching online:

  • If you already know about the subject that interests you, consider creating an online course based on what you know. This could include anything from writing an ebook on how-to write novels or creating videos explaining how certain software works (such as Photoshop).
  • If there’s a specific skill set that’s needed by people in your community but no one has offered training yet then consider becoming an instructor yourself! You may be surprised by how many people would love this type of opportunity if only someone would step up first…

You can teach online with very little experience. All you need is a computer, some basic skills and knowledge of the subject matter. You don’t even need to invest in expensive software or hardware because most of these platforms have everything built in. Once you’re ready to start teaching, just choose one of the many platforms available today and get started!