A List of Top Future Jobs in High Demand

What do you think qualifies as a great job? Is it the pay package associated with it or a healthy career track and speedy promotion? All of these should be taken into consideration. Apart from these, it should also depict growth, which is an indication of the fact that it’s in demand.

Let us look at some of the jobs that will qualify as top jobs in future.

Software Testing

Software testing careers have always been in demand, and will continue to be. This niche has been the show-stopper for many product or application implementations. Many interesting career choices have evolved in the testing community and it’s not just about being a monotonous test case executor anymore.

Growth Hacker

All businesses whether online or offline need to identify ways that are both effective and efficient to grow the business. A growth hacker is a person who figures out these ways. He or she is responsible for using a set of both the unconventional and the conventional marketing experiments and find the most effective strategy for the growth of a business.

Technical Writer

This is another field that has great potential in future. As the world is largely technical today, someone who can write about the technicalities of an IT firm or programming will be in great demand. Those companies that are solely into technology will definitely need a team of technical writers on their rolls. The best thing about this job is that you can opt for work from home option.

SEO Analysts

With search engine optimisation a necessity today, the job of an SEO analyst can be considered as an extension of social media. India is fast becoming the start-up hub and brands like to have their own SEO analyst. This person has the responsibility of implementing the SEO and social media strategies.

Social Media Manager

This will be a very sought-after job in future as social media plays a very important role these days. Thus, the brands need to keep their image clean on the social media and for thatthey will require the services of a social media manager. This person will be responsible for building and maintaining a brand’s social media reputation.

Relationship Therapists

A profession that is very common in West is now seen as a budding career in India too. With social fabric changing in the country and both men and women working in high-pressure jobs, it has started taking a toll on their personal lives. The relationship therapist suggests remedies to people who have bitter relationships and help them make a fresh start.

The above discussed jobs have high potential in the coming time and can fetch a fat pay package too besides ensuring a healthy career growth.